Questions and answers

What is Tenant Representation?

  • It is a service used by occupiers to outsource to an independent real estate expert their evaluation and realization of a property strategy

When do Client’s need a Tenant Representation Services?

  • When acquiring new premises
  • When renegotiating an existing lease contact
  • When establishing a property strategy
  • When subleasing or assigning surplus premises

Why is a Property Strategy Important?

  • Costs and profitability
  • Managing future restrictions
  • Location and accessibility
  • Profile and image
  • Quality of work environment
  • Efficiency of work place / corporate culture

Benefits of Tenant Representation

  • Smooth efficient process
  • Representation vs landlord adviser
  • Clarification of needs
  • Full market coverage
  • Time and money savings
  • Negotiation and problem solving
  • Preserve confidentiality
  • Standardized format